Sustainable Homes
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Create an Energy Efficient Home

Reducing your energy use at home makes sense - both financially and environmentally! With electricity and gas bills due to keep rising - now is the time to make a change. The great links below will help you reduce your electricity and gas bills, reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, and make your home more comfortable to live in. And it's pretty easy too!

1 Million Women
Something for all women to get involved in. Pledge to reduce your carbon emissions.

Appliance Energy Rating
Check out energy ratings for all major appliances before you buy at this government website

The Alternative Technology Association - ATA
The ATA is Australia’s leading not-for-profit organisation, promoting sustainable technology and practice. The ATA provides services to members who are actively walking the talk in their own homes by using good building design, conserving water and using renewable energy.

Climate Friendly - offset your carbon emissions
This site helps you offset your holidays, car use or other emissions - by investing in renewable technologies!

EcoSmart Electricians
An EcoSmart Electrician can help you save money, become more energy efficient, reduce your carbon footprint and play your part in helping the environment.

Purchasing 100% accredited GreenPower (ie, 'green electricity' generated by solar, hydro or wind) will not only reduce your home's greenhouse gas emissions, it will also drive demand for renewable energy solutions. This is the single biggest thing you can do to reduce the carbon footprint of your home. Vote with your dollar and switch to 100% accredited GreenPower today via your electricity provider. All you need to do is call them. This government website can answer your GreenPower questions too.

GreenSmart and GreenSmart Professionals - Housing Institute of Australia (HIA)
HIA provides leadership in the recognition of environmentally responsible residential building and land development through its GreenSmart program. GreenSmart was established by HIA in 1999 to promote practical, affordable and durable environmental solutions for residential design and construction. The GreenSmart Guidance Book - for renovations or new builds has loads of great information.

Halogen Downlight Alternatives - factsheet
Downlights are problematic for so many resaons including: they are a fire risk, they are a hole in your roof and insulation (causing draughts and reduces the effectiveness of your insulation), the are expensive to run, and result in high emissions. Check out our factsheet for great alternatives!

Living Greener - Federal Government
There are many actions you can take to use renewable energy sources instead and to be more energy efficient at home. Being more energy efficient will cut your energy costs and help protect valuable energy resources for the future.

MEFL - Moreland Energy Foundation Ltd
MEFL is an independent not-for-profit organisation, that was established to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the municipality of Moreland, however now works across the whole of Melbourne. MEFL acts as a connection between the Moreland community and the broader climate change action movement.

Why not make your own pelmets for your windows?

Powermates - measure your appliances electricity use
Borrow a powermate from the library, or hire one from the Environment Shop (see above) to discover how much electricity your appliances use when in use or on standby.

Positive Charge – plug into smart energy answers
Positive Charge is a free service designed to help people spend less money on energy. Run by the Moreland Energy Foundation in partnership with Banyule, Moreland, Manningham, Melbourne and Port Phillip Councils, residents can receive tailored energy advice and find deals on energy products including solar PV panels. Visit or call 9385 8555.

There are some great rebates available to help you cut down your energy use. See this factsheet for more details.

You can make a difference. The choices you make and the actions you take now will affect the way we live in the future. Whether you're taking your first steps in sustainability or looking to shrink your impact even more, you'll find help here.

Save Energy
Just how many black balloons can you save with simple energy reducing actions? Find out the actions, and the savings here

Sokitt allows you compare the total cost (to your planet and your wallet) of appliances on the Australian market.

Solar panels
This factsheet aims to provide you with an overview ofwhat you need to know to get the right solar system for you.

Sustainability Victoria
Sustainability is about making sure the social, economic and environmental needs of our community are met and kept healthy for future generations. As an agency of the Victorian Government, Sustainability Victoria provides simple information about how to reduce energy at home.

Sustainable Painters - listing
Find yourself a sustainable painter - that uses more environmentally - and people/animal friendly paint!

Thermal Performance Assessors
Thermal Performance Assessors (TPAs) conduct residential building thermal performance assessments. Residential building thermal performance assessment is required for all proposed residential construction under current legislation, and measures the thermal performance of a proposed dwelling design.

VEET Scheme - Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme
The VEET scheme is designed to make energy efficiency improvements more affordable, contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases, and encourage investment, employment and innovation in industries that supply energy efficiency goods and services.

Your Carbon Price

Your Home Guide
Excellent, comprehensive government guides for buying or renovating your home

Zero Emission House
Find out more about the CSIRO's Zero Emission House Project which aims to demonstrate how greenhouse gas emissions can be significantly reduced in Australian Homes.

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