Sustainable Homes
Red rainwater tank

Saving Water at Home

These websites might be useful in helping households reduce the amount of water used at home as well as improve the quality of water flowing into our waterways.

Environment Protection Authority (EPA)
Guidelines for water reuse

Melbourne Water
Provides information on the water cycle, water supply, sewerage and recycling, rivers and drainage. The site includes resources for schools.

Melbourne Water 10,000 Raingardens Project
Raingardens filter stormwater run-off from roofs, driveways or paving. Building a raingarden is a simple way to improve the quality of water flowing into our waterways

Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS)
Star ratings of water products to help you choose the most efficient

Yarra Valley Water
Lots of ideas on how to save water, including the free showerhead exchange and rebates information

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