Sustainable Homes

Sustainable Gardening

These websites might be useful to help you use water more efficiently in your garden, grow your own food, compost and plant drought tolerant and low water using plants.

For more help with composting

Green Cleaning
Choosing an environmentally friendly laundry detergent
and green cleaning

Heirloom Seeds

Local Indigenous Nurseries

Pea Straw, Compost and Manure
There are many local businesses that supply these products to help you kick start and maintain your garden

Learn more about permaculture by taking part in a permaculture backyard blitz

Planting Fruit and Vegies
Check when to plant fruit and vegies, when to harvest, and pest issues

Water-related rebates from the State and Federal Government

Seed Savers
For help with seed saving

Smart Garden Watering
Help with predicting how much water your garden needs

Sustainable Gardening Australia
All sorts of great gardening advice Sustainable Gardening Australia

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