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Sustainable Food

We make decisions about what we eat every day, and these decisions can have big environmental implications. Producing food can use a lot of energy (producing greenhouse gas emissions), water and chemicals, and the distance that food travels to get to you also produces greenhouse gases.

Acting now to eat as sustainably as possible will not only benefit the environment and assist the prevention of further climate change, it will help us prepare for Peak Oil when demand for oil outstrips the world’s supply.

Reducing the amount of pre-packaged and processed food that we eat, growing your own or buying fresh fruit and vegetables that are in season and haven’t travelled too far, and avoiding food waste, go organic where possible, and consider the ethics behind your food and the companies that produce it, are all great ways to reduce the impact of our food. These sustainable eating actions also have many health benefits.

Check out our great fact sheet and links below!

Australian Sustainable Seafood Guide
Print off a copy and keep it in your pocket or hand bag or get the iphone application. Always check this list before buying seafood! It is quite an eye-opener how many types are unsustainable or over-fished.

Budget Bites Guide
Your guide to cheap, healthy, fresh and sustainable food in the City of Darebin

Organic market, shop, food co-ops, and urban orchard.

CERES Fair Food
Organic food box delivery service

Collingwood Children's Farm
Farmers market on the 2nd Saturday of each month...and daily cow milking!

Colour Additives
Help in identifying the colour additives in food that may contribute to children’s hyperactivity

Cultivating Community
A not-for-profit organisation that works to increase access to healthy foods with projects that aim to connect food growing, neighbourhood and communities.

Ethical Consumer Group
Provides information on the environmental and social record of companies behind the brand names of common supermarket products. Learn more about ethical purchasing.

Fairtrade Information
Find out about purchasing tea, coffee and chocolate from companies that have paid a fair price for the product, and not used child labour

Friends of the Earth Food Co-op
Stocks bulk goods, fresh fruit and vegetables. Take your own containers.

Gardenate Planting Calendar
Check when to plant fruit and vegies, when to harvest, and pest issues

Garden Organics
Organic food stall

Gene Ethics
Gene Ethics is a non-profit educational network of citizens and kindred groups, fighting for a safer, more equitable and more sustainable GM-free society.

Greenpeace’s True Food Guide
Find out more about genetically engineered food

Greensborough Food Swap
Local Food Connect and ACES Northern Urban Agriculture Project
3rd Saturday of each month - 10am to 12pm
ACES Northern (formerly Churinga) 108 Diamond Creek Road, Greensborough
Contact - Rachel 0438091262

Love Food Hate Waste
Lots of great ideas for avoiding food waste (NSW site)

The Meatrix
Online cartoon films about the meat industry

Melbourne Community Farmers' Markets
Here you’ll find all you need to know about accessing genuine farmers’ markets weekly in Melbourne, managed by their own community group.

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival
This festival occurs in the first half of March every year for 2 weeks.

Montmorency Primary School Vegie Swap
2nd Saturday of each month - 10am to 12pm
60A Rattray Road, Montmorency
Contact - Julie at

Olympic Village Vegie Swap
Organised by Transition 3081.
Contact - or call Mary on 9455 2581.

Organic Food Directory Australia
Shows over 174 organic food businesses in Melbourne!

Organic Food Information
What is organic food? Why is it better for us? Further reading.

Palm Oil
Find out more about the devastating impacts of palm oil on the environment (especially the orangutangs) and how to avoid it

Permaculture Melbourne
See local group - Permaculture Inner north

Seasonal Food Calendar for Australia - Vegetarian Victoria
All fruits and vegetables have a particular time of year when they are at their peak. Eating according to the seasons is an important part of a healthy and sustainable diet.

Second Bite
Identifies sources of nutritious surplus fresh food and produce that might otherwise go to waste and facilitates its safe and timely distribution to agencies and people in need.

Seed Savers
This network is a national organisation dedicated to the preservation of local varieties of useful plants. We work in Australia with our more than eighty Local Seed Networks and also work in 40 other countries.

Slow Food Movement - Australia
Get back to the roots of food and take your time doing it - enjoy cooking it, eating it and know it's origins.

Sprout Community Market
Run by Mind Australia. First Thursday of each Month 2 - 7pm. Closed in Winter June - August & Jan-Feb.

Super Cook
Just type in the contents of your fridge and they’ll give you recipe suggestions

Sustainable Tuna Guide
Important information for all tuna eaters! This guide provides information about which tuna is ethically fished (and which is not!)

Transition 3081
Helping the West Heidelberg community to prepare for peak oil and climate change through practical solutions eg. local food growing. They have various projects underway on this.
Contact - or call Mary on 9455 2581.

Transition Banyule
Helping the Banyule community to prepare for peak oil and climate change through practical solutions eg. local food growing. They have various projects underway on this.

Transition Darebin
Helping the Darebin community to prepare for peak oil and climate change through practical solutions eg. local food growing. They have various projects underway on this.

True Food Network (Greenpeace)
The True Food Network is a growing community of Australians uniting to protect our food from genetic engineering (GE). Find out more about why this is important. Also download a free 2011 Kids True Food Guide.

Whole Larder Love
An inspiring website documenting a Gippsland family's cooking, hunting, fishing, harvesting food from their local area in regional Victoria.

Vegetarian Network Victoria
Information, recipes, restaurants and shops

Victorian Farmers' Markets Association
A listing of Farmers Markets around Victoria

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