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The Sustainable Homes & Communities Program works with community groups in Darebin and Banyule Council areas.
Ways we can work with community groups

We can work together to deliver sustainable living and environmentally themed workshops. In this case, the workshops are co-branded and co-funded by the program and participating community group.

We can offer advice and resources related to household energy efficiency, saving water at home, sustainable food and gardening, sustainable transport, and avoiding waste (including food waste). These resources may assist community groups in providing information and/or workshops to their members.

Funding for Community Groups

Darebin and Banyule Council both have an annual community grants program where you can apply for funds for your environmental project.

For more information about the Darebin Community Support Grants visit darebin.vic.gov.au/grants

To find out about the Banyule Environmental Sustainability Grants go to banyule.vic.gov.au/grants

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